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Use Of Triphala Powder

There Are Some Tips How To Use Triphala Powder

Constipated patients generally fall victim to high blood pressure and sleeplessness. Once these ailments set in, care should be taken to relieve the patient of constipation. Intake of purgatives and laxatives might solve the problem temporarily. For these patients, temporary clearance of bowels will not be of much use. These purgatives, when discontinuted, cause constipation again. If used regularly, they might produce other injurious effects on the body. After using these purgative for some time, they lose their purgative effect. In certain cases, the patient becomes so addicted to them that the bowels do not move without these remedies. Since these patients are required to be free from constipation for a fairly long period, a suitable recipe has to be chosen.

Triphala is perhaps the best recipe for these ailment. It is a combination of three fruits, namely, haritaki (Terminalia chebula), bibhitaka (Terminalia belerica) and amalaki (Emblica officinalis). The pulp of these fruits are taken in equal quantities, made in to a coarse powder and mixed together. As an ordinary purgative, one teaspoonful of this powder is taken at bedtime with hot water or hot milk. the better way of using this recipe by those suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia is to soak one teaspoonful of this powder in a glass (about 250 ml.) of water, keep it over night, strain it through a thick cloth and drink the liquid thus obtained, erly in the morning an empty stomach. This does not work as a laxative; but if used for about three days continuously, will not allow stools to be accumulated in the lar4ge intestine. It is thus a safe remedy for curing constipation permanently. However, for this purpose, the recipe is required to be taken continuously for about three months. Some people may not like its astringent taste. For them, one spoon of honey should be added to this liquid. Apart from its mild laxative effect, it has a cooling and rejuvenating effect. It improves the functioning of the eyes and kidneys. Since it is not habit forming and since it has not adverse effects on the body and the mind, it can safely be taken over a long period by those suffering from high blood pressure and sleeplessness.

Other mild laxatives which can be given to such patients are the husk of isafgool popularly called isafgul chilka (bot. : Plantago ovate). About two teaspoons of this husk can be given to the patient at bedtime with warm milk or warm water. Gulkand which is prepared from rose petals can also be used. It is given in doses of two to three teaspoons at bedtime with warm milk or warm water.

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