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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Tips on Buying Gold Jewelry

       Gold no wonder, is one of the most loved precious metal in the world. It is a symbol of purity, prosperity and beauty. Gold makes versatile and wonderful jewelry and can be liquidated easily anywhere in the world. Gold ornaments have never gone out of style, and for sure will never be. Comes festival, marriage, anniversary, birthday or any grand occasion, we all get into shopping and hunting for the best gold ornaments. There are a couple of things we should know, like there are variations in gold that speaks about its purity, quality and price. It is important to get what we are paying for, so one should be cautious before jumping into the purchase mania as you don’t know when and where you would get cheated.

Things you should keep in mind while buying gold ornaments

Purity: The first thing you should do is check for purity. Not every gold ornament is pure, when you are purchasing gold get the purity test done even if it’s your trusted brand or store. These days every store and jeweler has purity machines installed in their store, which helps to an extent. Talking about purity, most of the gold ornaments have a marking that shows the carat. Pure gold is too soft and delicate to be used as jewelry by itself. Pure gold is combined with various metals like silver, zinc, nickel and copper. The higher the number, the higher the purity of gold. s

Price: The price of gold jewelry is directly proportionate to the purity of gold, the other metals that is mixed or combined, the time, the skill and labor that goes into making the stunning piece.

Making Charges: Always check for making charges when you are planning to buy gold jewelry. With every gold piece designed as per your want and need, the jewelry comes with making charges. The making charges are more or less proportionate to the price of gold, the higher the skill, labor and gold price; the higher will be the making charges.

Colour: For most of us all gold looks the same but the truth is gold has many variations. There is the popular yellow gold; rose gold, warm, rich and the divine white gold. Not just these, we also have many gold pieces in various tones, like two-tone, three tone styles. Combining different metals with gold results in different shades and colors.

Identification:Check for the identification mark on the gold bijouterie. Every piece you purchase should have a stamp or mark that speaks of its carat age. Most of the branded jewelers get the stamp done by themselves. When picking gold, look for BIS hallmark gold purity. To most who are unaware, the value of your gold jewelry is decided by the certification it carries. Double check and ensure that the gold you are purchasing has the BIS hallmark on it.

Certified Jeweler: Never purchase gold jewelry from an uncertified jeweler or store; always purchase certified gold jewelries from trusted and certified jewelers and brand. Before making the purchase read the papers carefully, there shouldn’t be any hidden terms and conditions. Do not pick up anything in haste and don’t ever fall prey for cheap and cheesy marketing tricks. Check for store refund and return policy before you make any purchase. It’s always safe to purchase pure and certified gold ornaments rather than picking something just because the gold prices are low. Ensure and double check the brand from where you are purchasing, is well established.

Durability:If you want your stunning gold pieces to last a lifetime pick the best and highest quality gold. Most of our jewelries are not made of pure gold it’s either mixed with silver, nickel, copper and other various metals. 24 carat gold has 999 fineness and purity of 99.9% and it’s a pure gold. Similarly 22 carat gold has 990 fineness with 91.6% purity and is very popular and widely used in India on the other hand 18 carat gold has 750 fineness and is 75.0% pure, the lower the carat, the lower is the percentage of Gold. The most common Carat are 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K and among all this 22 and 18 carat are considered as the most durable one and is a better choice for daily wear gold ornaments.

Occasion & Design:When picking up gold jewelry be certain your bijouterie is appropriate for the occasion, bang on trend and also at the same time enhances your look, the more it glitters the better it is. There is no harm in experimenting, pick variety of styles in white and yellow gold as they are a perfect addition to your collection.

The most important factors to consider are purity, weight, price and design. Jeweler’s reputation is also an important factor to consider. Last but not the least, always takes a look on the amount of stones both precious and semi-precious that the gold jewelry has. Sometimes the jewelry might cost more just because of the precious stones in it and not because of gold. Check for break-up of the price of gold and of the stones used in the piece. Go for the durable gold piece and not the gold plated and filled jewelry.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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