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How To Clean And Polish Your Gold Jewelry At Home!
Clean your precious yellow metal at home
Importance Of Gold Jewelry In India:

In India wearing Gold is a tradition and not a fashion.

It is considered auspicious to give Gold to wife, daughters, daughter in law and other close ones.

Mothers and mother in laws give their blessings, along with some gold ornament.

Gold is passed on from one generation to the future generations.

A woman takes pride in showing off a jewelry, which has been passed on to her from her mother, mother in law or even better-- grandparents.

I do possess jewelry passed on from my grandmother to my mother, who gave it to me and I am going to give it to my daughter.

You may buy new ones but the ancestral ornaments are the proudest possessions of women in India.

Howsoever expensive this yellow metal may be, everyone tries to manage a piece or two, to gift to their loved ones.

How does Gold lose its shine!

Gold is a precious yellow metal. It otherwise maintains its shine and does not lose its bright color in air or water.

But due to following reasons it might lose its natural shine-----

1. Regular use,

2. Dust or dirt,

3. Perfumes we use around the jewelry,

4. Any makeup product around your jewelry.

Some simple methods to clean your Gold jewelry at home itself:

Here are some simple methods to follow to get that shine back in your gold jewelry-----

1. Take the jewelry in a bowl, with some soft soap and water solution or liquid soap and boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

Take the jewelry out and rinse with clean water.

Wipe with muslin cloth.

Note: If the gold jewelry is studded with some precious stones, do not try this method.

2. Soak your gold jewelry, in warm water. Add liquid soap and a little soda water, which does not contain salt in it.

Leave for half an hour.

Take a soft toothbrush and clean and rinse the piece of jewelry.

Wipe with tissue paper or muslin cloth.

3. You can also clean your gold jewelry with a paste of baking soda. Apply for 5 minutes and rub with a muslin cloth.

4. Beer is also useful to get that shine back on your ornaments.

Cleaning Gold jewelry, which have gem stones studded in them, requires a careful handling.

Do not soak them in water as they might lose their glue. Instead, clean with soft toothbrush and soap solution.

Wash and rinse and put them to dry, in such a way that the trapped water comes out.

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Gold Jewelry

Gold expresses love, blessings, style and of course affluence.

Whether you have bought it yourself or someone else has gifted it to you, the gold ornaments must be taken care of properly.

To maintain its shine, periodical cleaning is required, which has been explained above. There are other precautions, which can maintain the shine and the brightness.

1. Store in individual boxes:

Always store in individual boxes meant for each piece. It will keep them scratch free. Keeping too many gold pieces together, might lead to constant rubbing and denting.

2. Avoid chlorine, acids and other chemicals:

While doing regular household jobs like cleaning, washing, dusting, it is wise to remove your gold jewelry. The water supplied at homes generally has chlorine in it, which spoils the shine of gold.

3. Remove jewelry in swimming pools:

Swimming pool water has lot of chlorine, so it is wise to remove your jewelry before going for swimming. You might even lose the expensive jewelry in water.

4. Remove gold jewelry before workout:

It is very important to remove your gold jewelry before starting your exercise session. The sweat will take off the shine from your precious possession.

5. Taking professional help:

There is always the option of going to a professional, if you see cracks or scratches or denting on your gold piece.

The Final word:

Gold is a form of expression---the expression of your love and blessings to your close ones.

It can say much more than words.

Take care of your precious yellow metal, so that its shine and sparkle remains for a lifetime and for generations.

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