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Tarkarli - Maharastra, India – Enjoy luxurious honeymoon at Tarkali

''Tarkarli in Maharashtra is one of the best beach destinations in India. Located in Maharashtra, Tarkarli offers ample romantic ops for the coules that include scuba diving. Tarkali is among the top 10 honeymoon spots in India. It is located in Malvan area and is an ideal place for beach lovers. It ensures an enthralling experience of soft white sand beaches to tourists.
Apart from beaches, tourists can revisit the past glory of Maratha bastion and the forts, Backwater boat ride and temples along with luxurious and delicious Konkani meals in Konkan. Tarkali beach is 8 km long and is a must see place in Tarkarli. Fishermen are the locals of this area earning their livelihood with daily fishing. ''

Anganewadi, Ganesh festival, the birth of Lord Ram and Bramhan Dev Jatra are the famous festivals celebrated here by the people. Markets are also a must see which remain in full bloom throughout.

Tarkarli as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

The backwater experience in Maharashtra, though it sounds strange, Tarkarli in Maharashtra actually have backwaters. A beautiful location, which can rightly be called the honeymoon land, Tarkarli is blessed with spectacular landscape and serene atmosphere. The famed Sindhudurg Fort and the turquoise blue sea water are the identity of this beautiful destination. There is a wide array of hotels ranging from budget to luxury 4 stars offering decent services. Tsunami Island, Devbaug and Bhogwe beach are few attractions in Tarkarli.

Nearby Sindhudurg fort is yet another popular destination in Maharashtra. For couples living in Mumbai, Tarkarli is one of the best place to go for honeymoon in Maharashtra. Most of the beaches around this region have crystal clear blue water. Tarkarli is protected zone for female turtles and one may find dolphins here in the sea.

Best time to visit Tarkarli

October to March

Why Visit Tarkarli as Romantic Getaway?

  • Dhamapur Lake of crytsal clear water is spread over about 5 acres and lies between Are and Katta villages.
  • Malvan is a Konkan town about 6-7 kms from Tarkarli. Malvan is famous as its waters hold the only marine sanctuary in Maharashtra, spread across about 29 sq.km.
  • Bhogve beach with foamy sea waves touching gently at its silver sands has a huge sandbar which at low tide when the water recedes becomes a stopover for sea gulls.
  • Padmagad fort today lies in ruins. It was used during Shivaji Maharaj’s times as a centre for building ships for his navy. This fort was built for additional defense purposes.
  • Rajkot fort is situated on mailand Malvan at a distance of about 2 kms from Sarejkot fort and a few kms from Malvan Jetty. Rajkot fort is surrounded by the sea on three sides.

Tarkarli romantic destination is also famous for

Water Sports
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