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2019 India Republic Day Parade Tickets

Cost and Where to Buy Tickets for the Republic Day Parade

Republic Day Celebrations India - How Is Republic Day Celebrated

The Republic Day Parade in Delhi is the highlight of Republic Day in India.

There are a couple of ways to get tickets to the Parade. Front row passes can be obtained from VIPs in Delhi, if you happen to know any. Otherwise, you'll have to buy your tickets.

ickets for the India Republic Day Parade are on sale from January 13 to January 25 every year, from the following outlets:

Republic Day Parade Ticket Outlets

  • Departmental Sale Counters at North Block roundabout, South Block roundabout, Pragati Maidan (Gate No. 1, Bhairon Road), Jantar Mantar (Main Gate), Shastri Bhawan (near Gate No. 1), India Gate (near Jamnagar House), Red Fort (near police picket). (10 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. daily).
  • Parliament House Reception Office. (11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday/Sunday/Holiday closed).
  • Government of India Tourist Office, 88 Janpath. (Closed Sunday).
  • India Tourism Development Corporation (IDTC) Travel Counters at Ashok and Janpath Hotels. (Working days only).
  • Delhi Tourism Development Corporation (DTDC) Counters at Coffee Home, Baba Kharag Singh Marg and Food and Craft Bazar, Dilli Haat, opposite INA Market and Shri Gandhi Ashram, Chandni Chowk. (Working days only).
  • नॉर्थ ब्लॉक गोलचक्कर
  • सेना भवन (गेट नंबर 2)
  • जंतर मंतर (मुख्य गेट)
  • जामनगर हाउस (इंडिया गेट के सामने)
  • प्रगति मैदान (भैरो रोड पर गेट नंबर 1)
  • शास्त्री भवन (गेट नंबर 3 के पास)
  • लाल किला (15 अगस्त पार्क के अंदर जैन मंदिर के पास)
  • पार्लियामेट हाउस का रिसेप्शन ऑफिस

Tipping Etiquette Around The World

Note: Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card or government issued identity card must be presented in order to purchase tickets.

The Republic Day Parade is followed up by a Beating of the Retreat Ceremony in the afternoon on January 29 each year. It symbolizes retreat after a day on the battlefield and features performances by bands of the three wings of the Indian military -- the Army, Navy and Air Force. Tickets are also available for this event at the above outlets.

2019 Ticket Prices

  • Republic Day Parade -- 500 rupees for reserved seats. 200 rupees, 100 rupees and 50 rupees for unreserved seats.
  • Beating Retreat Ceremony (Full Dress Rehearsal on January 28) -- 50 rupees and 20 rupees. All seats are unreserved.

गणतंत्र दिवस हम सबके लिए एक गौरव और यह देश के सम्मान की बात है। ऐसे में कोई भी कीमत कम ही होगी। फिर भी अगर आप रिजर्व सीट लेना चाहते हैं, तो इसके लिए आपको 500 रुपये की टिकट खरीदनी होगी और बिना आरक्षित सीट के लिए 120 रुपये खर्च करने होंगे।

Further Information

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