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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

7 Things You Learn When You Start Living In With Your Partner

When you and your girlfriend decide to move in together, there are a lot of things guys go through, a lot of changes and planning you two make. As far as the concept of live-in is concerned, some say it is bad while some say it’s good. But hardly anyone understands what it actually feels like to live in with someone you love. Living in with a partner helps you learn a lot of things, not just on the emotional front but mentally and physically too. You learn how to adjust with someone and how to deal with each other’s parents. But most importantly you learn about each other’s flaws and strengths and start respecting each other as a person.

You Life Revolves Around Adjustments And Responsibilities

Right from sharing the room, cleaning the house, washing dishes, buying groceries and cleaning your clothes, living in brings with it a lot of adjustments and responsibilities. Things that you never bothered about at home would now be a major concern. In fact, most of your weekends would now be booked for sorting things out and looking after managing the home.

You Learn To Respect Each Other With Their Flaws

Sometimes meeting someone isn’t enough to know everything about them. It’s only when you start living with them that you understand them as a person, what their habits are, how they deal with crucial issues, how confident are they with financial decisions or general life decisions. Most importantly, you learn the concept of privacy, personal space, dealing with their ego and their bad temper.

Getting Comfortable About Personal Hygiene

Living together makes us understand a lot about each other’s personal hygiene and habits. More than understanding, you actually become more comfortable and understanding towards each other’s hygiene related problems. You feel more confident sharing your problems with them, no matter how awkward you felt initially.

Getting Along With Each Other’s Family And Friends

The moment you decide to move in with your partner, not just does your life change, but how you are going to be perceived by her family and friends too changes. Same goes for your family. So when either of your families or friends pay a visit, you become more accommodating. To be honest, somewhere your compatibility also depends on how you guys behave around each other’s friends and families.

When Sharing Becomes The Part And Parcel Of Life

By sharing, we don’t mean only sharing cupboards, rooms or bathrooms. Your favourite T-shirt will become your girlfriend’s favourite too and you will see her wearing that a lot. Sometimes, it might annoy you when you run out of clothes, but the best part is that you won’t complain about it. In fact, you will secretly smile at the fact that how beautiful she looks in your boxers and t-shirt.

You Learn To Deal With Each Other’s Anger

Living with someone is not just a compatibility test but an anger management session too. When you get to know something new about each other, things often go unplanned. There will be days when you won’t be happy about her doing things in a different way. But at the same time, you would learn how to not blurt out or show your anger on small differences. You would rather sit and talk it out.

You Understand The Strength Of Your Relationship

Lastly, you understand the importance of ‘we’. You get to analyze whether your relationship will work or not, whether there is any scope. What’s more, after living with your partner for a couple of months, your expectations from your relationship also change.

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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