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Vacation Packing List for Kids

Vacation fun for kids can start with the prospect of packing their own bags. However, most children, especially first-time travelers, will need some supervision to make sure they arrive at their destination with everything they need. Helping kids make a master list they can work from will give them the opportunity to think through the process. Once the list is made, give each child his or her own bag to pack and keep the checklist inside to use for repacking before the trip home.


Assuming no one plans to do laundry during a weeklong vacation, kids should pack eight shirts or tops, several pairs of pants (and/or skirts) along with a sufficient amount of underwear and socks. It’s a good idea to bring both lightweight and heavier-weight pajamas no matter the weather. If a fancy-dress event is in store (a family wedding or a trip to the ballet, for example) consider packing those dressier clothes in a parent’s bag. Unless the family is heading for cold weather, a light waterproof jacket and a hooded sweatshirt should suffice for outerwear.


Comfortable sneakers that give good support are important for kids who are going to be doing a lot of sightseeing. And because jumping in puddles is an irresistible activity for some kids, an extra pair of shoes while on vacation is a must. Consider bringing along a pair of boots if the child is going to be involved in a lot of outdoor activities. Beach shoes can serve triple duty when worn around the pool or at the beach, as bedroom slippers, and in the shower.


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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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