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Kids Fun Places in Ahmedabad

SHAHS (Water Park/ Resort)

Apart from the biggest Wave Pool in Gujarat, Water City offers Dry Water Slide, High Speed Boat Rides and Aqua Shuttle to zip and whiz you past at enormous speed. Ever-exciting Aqua trail Body Slide at Water City Sets our Body on a roll as you lose all control in the middle of the ride. At Aqua Snake Black Hole, you are dropped into an endless black hole with amazing simulated effects and light-bursts that chill you.

Address : Goblej, National Highway No. 8, Between Bareja & Kheda, Ahmedabad

SHANKU'S (Water Park/ Resort)

India's first Water Park Shanku's provides to all guests high standard services. A visit will convince you that it's a unique water park for fun and adventure for all ages and everybody. The quality and safety of the treated water is of paramount importance to a visitor attraction like this. We provide cool relief on a summer day, but we also combine the thrills of an amusement park with the relaxation of a day at the pool. In the 10 years since the water park opened, these watery playgrounds have become enormously popular

Address : Amipura, Mehsana Highway, Ahmedabad


Situated in the laps of nature, Swapna Shrushti Water Park is a box full of aqua thrills, under the flagship venture of Swapna Shrusti Entertainment & Club Ltd. Discover an abode of exhilarating joy, away from the city in a pollution free zone, where nature is resplendent. Enthrall yourself in euphoric bliss with an array of ecstatic water rides for all.

Address : Near Amrapur Village, Grambharti, Gandhinagar, Mahudi Highway, Ahmedabad


A polygonal lake almost a mile in circumference, it was constructed in 1451 by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din.It is a 34 sided polygon with a 1.25 km circuit and steps leading down to the water level.On the eastern side is an elaborately carved water inlet with three circular openings.This feature,common to several reservoirs in Gujarat, is a monument in its own right. In the center of the lake, on an artificial island, is the pleasure pavalion known as Naginavadi. The promenade around Kankaria is one of the few places in Ahmedabad to enjoy a walk without the fear of being hit by a vehicle.In the evening it fills with crowd, food stalls and informal entertainment. There is also a water and light show. A zoo, a natural history museum, a toy train, a special garden for children called Bal Vatika, and an open air theatre are placed around the lake.

Address : Kankaria Lake, Kankaria, Ahmedabad - 380022

Lalbhai dalpatbhai museum

This museum houses a gorgeous collection of ancient and medieval Indian art treasures, including stone, marble, bronze and wood carvings and 75,000 Jain manuscripts. A 6th-century-AD sandstone carving from Madhya Pradesh is the oldest-known carved image of the god Rama.

Address : NR GUJRAT UNIVERSISITY, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Vastrapur lake

Named after Nasingh Mehta, Vastrapur Lake is a popular tourist attraction at Ahmedabad. More of a picnic spot, you can see family huddled together for lunch or basking in the sunlight. With an open air theatre and a park around, you'll have plenty to do here. The lush, well-kept gardens around the lake make for a quiet getaway from the humdrum of city life, offering solace right in the middle of the city. The walking trail around the lake is often abuzz with joggers and city folk, who come here to unwind or start a day.

Address : Vastrapur Lake Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052

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