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Raj Kapoor-Nargis – a legendary relationship

It's ironical that a day after Nargis' birth anniversary (June 1) falls Raj Kapoor's death anniversary (June 2). The intense passion that the original showman and the actress shared is a part of the folklore now. The couple did 16 films together, six of which were directed by Raj Kapoor.

Nargis is said to have fallen for the blue-eyed charmer, even though he was a married man, even during the making of their first film together, Aag in 1949. However, what remained in the public memory is the utterly romantic rain scene in Shree 420 (also directed by Kapoor), in which they lip-synched one of the most memorable songs of Bollywood, Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua….

The association came to an abrupt ending in the late '50s when Nargis moved on to another colleague Sunil Dutt who offered her marriage.

Raj Kapoor-Nargis – a legendary relationship (Publicity Still)

After the heart-break, Raj Kapoor replaced Nargis with various heroines like Vyjayantimala (Sangam), Nutan (Chhalia, Anari) and Hema Malini who made her debut with Kapoor's Sapnon Ka Saudagar.

The unforgettable tale of romance in Bollywood Raj Kapoor Nargis

Raj and Nargis were not only great couples on-screen but, off-screen too. When Nargis met Raj he was already married but, their souls felt passionate towards each other. The duo gave super-duper hits under RK banner which are still famous. Although, Aag (1948) was their first film together, their relationship began to bloom with Barsaat (1949) and it was evident in the later movies. Raj and Nargis acted in 16 films together. Barsaat brought to lime-light the aspiring music directors Shankar and Jaikishen popularly known as S-J who composed music for all most all of his movies. Raj Kapoor’s movie had magnificent sound-tracks with hummable lyrics. In fact, Raj had a deep knowledge on music and could play several musical instruments easily. He paid special attention towards music and personally guided S-J in most of his songs.

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