A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
New IITs in India

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, Rupnagar

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar is one of the eight new IITs set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, to expand the reach and enhance the quality of technical education in the country. This institute is committed to providing state-of-the-art technical education in a variety of fields and also for facilitating transmission of knowledge in keeping with latest developments in pedagogy. These two areas of focus will enable students to gain exposure to recent trends in their chosen domains of study and gain practical experience through a wide variety of activities the institute facilitates in its own campus and arranges for in collaboration with industry and other institutes. At present, the institute offers Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programme in the following disciplines: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. This programme is spread over a period of eight semesters and the institute admits forty students in each branch, selected through IIT Joint Entrance Examination conducted every year. In addition, the institute now offers doctoral programme in several disciplines.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar , Bhubhaneswar

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar was established in 2008, inheriting the brand name IIT. This fact itself charges the institute not only to be worthy of its inheritance but also to be distinctive and distinguished on its own by scripting a path towards novelties. The main aim of IIT-B is to shape ourselves into a learning community where we work, listen and respect each other, to encourage and facilitate faculty, researchers and students to work synergistically across discipline boundaries, to infuse a sense of excitement in students in innovation & invention, design & creation and entrepreneurship, to develop and pursue curricula those are dynamic, flexible and holistically designed to facilitate creativity and cognitive thinking and to strive for productive partnership between the industry and the Institute.
An efficient team of well qualified professors, enthusiastic students and supportive staff, makes IIT Bhubaneswar a promising institute of the future.The mentor Institute is IIT Kharagpur. It is the largest of IITs from every perspective, number of students, faculty, diversity in disciplines of study, research publications, sponsored research, land area, length of campus road network, and so forth. Many surveys rate IIT Kharagpur as one of the top engineering institute of the country.
Campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar –
Within this short span of time the institute has grown significantly in every field. Though the permanent campus is coming up on 936 acres of land at Arugul, located 20 km away from the main city, no stone is being left unturned to provide all the required facilities to the students.

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), Yeddumailaram

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) was established in 2008. The Institute is the cradle for inventions and innovations. It provides advance knowledge and scholarship to students in science, technology and liberal arts, and equip them to handle the challenges of the nation and the world in 21st century. The mission of the institute is to be recognized as ideators and leaders in higher education and research, and to develop human power with creativity, technology and passion for the betterment of India and humankind.

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN), Gandhinagar was established in 2008. It is also the hub of prestigious academic and research institutes such as the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and the National Institute of Design. IITGN goes many steps beyond the call and definition of a technology institute, it aims to create excellence in science, technology as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences and thereby create rounded and nuanced minds.
The vision is to shape IIT Gandhinagar into an exciting place for learning, teaching and research and to establish the process of learning that is free, fulfilling and an enjoyable experience. The institute provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs for various disciplines. IITGN also provides post doctoral fellowships.
Campus of Indian Institute of Technology -
Indian Institute of Technology is currently located in Chandkheda, which is about a 15-minute drive from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IIT-P), Patna

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna has been conceived to bolster high-quality technical education and research and cater to the Nation's need for well groomed technocrats and scientists. Formally registered as a society on 25th July 2008, IIT Patna's academic programs commenced on 6th August 2008. In order to ensure the quality synonymous with the name IIT and expedite its growth, IIT Patna has been placed under the mentorship of IIT Guwahati.
Patna is the capital of the state of Bihar. This region has been the centre of education since ancient times. Nalanda, the lighthouse of knowledge in ancient and medieval India, attracted scholars not only from other parts of India but also from China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and West Asia. Some of the historical legends from this region include Lord Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Guru Govind Singh, the famous astronomer Aryabhata and the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
IIT Patna is currently offering B.Tech programs in three disciplines - Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The sanctioned strength of batch-2008 is 120. The Ph.D. program in Engineering, Science and Humanities & Social Sciences will start from July 2009. IIT Patna has recruited 30 faculty members in the first round of recruitment conducted in 2008.

Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur (IIT-J), Jodhpur

Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur forms a part of the league along with eight new IITs proposed by the MHRD, Government of India.The seven old IITs are located in Kharagpur, Bombay, Madras, Kanpur, Delhi, Guwahati, and Roorkee. With the plan to setup eight more IITs in the states of Rajasthan, Bihar (Patna), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), Himachal Pradesh (Mandi), Orissa (Bhubaneshwar), Madhya Pradesh (Indore), Gujarat (Gandhinagar) and Punjab (Rupnagar), the total number of IITs will be increased to 15.
The new institute was established by MHRD, Govt.of India in year 2008. The classes for first academic session held at IIT Kanpur, which had been designated as the mentor IIT for looking after the incubation activities of the new IIT in Rajasthan. The first academic session in IIT Jodhpur commenced in August 2008.
Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, popularly referred to as IIT Jodhpur, is one of the prestigious IITs of India. The initiative of establishing the institute was taken by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, in 2008. The first academic session of the college was started in 2008, within the premises of its mentor institute IIT Kanpur, with four-year B Tech programme in three branches of engineering.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (IIT-M), Mandi

Indian Institute of Technology(IIT Mandi), Mandi was established in 2009.The aim of the institute is to be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society and to create knowledge through team effort and individually for the benefit of society. The objective of the institute is to impart education to produce professionals capable of leading efforts towards innovative products.
The aim of the college is to train teachers capable of inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and researchers. They strive to inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and to impart the ability to devise globally recognized solutions for the problems of society and industry, particularly in the fragile eco-system of the Himalayas and to work intensely with industry in pursuit of the above goals of education and research, leading to the development of cutting edge and commercially-viable technologies.
Campus of Indian Institute of Technology –
The college spreads in 530-acre campus in a picturesque river valley in the Shivalik Range; IIT Mandi is the only IIT in the Himalayas.

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IIT-I)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore was established in 2009. It is known as IIT Indore or IITI. It is an institute of national importance established by the Government of India. It is one of the eight new IITs, started by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (India), Government of India. The institution started functioning in a temporary campus at Institute of Engineering and Technology of Devi Ahilyabai University under mentorship of IIT Bombay.
Indian Institute of Technology Indore is part of mega-project that envisages India as a Global Technology Leader. IIT Indore aims to play an active role in task of propelling India on the growth-trajectory by focusing on education, research and development. IIT Indore visualizes this mission within the context of larger humanistic concerns.
Campus of IIT Indore -
The campus spread over an area of 510-acre (2.1 km2), at Simrol, a location about 25 km from the city of Indore.

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